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    Creating A New Gmail Alternative
    via dpg · almost 4 years ago · 9 comments

    What would make you change services? Should we concentrate on mobile? What does the average person want for a better experience? What can we cut to make mail simple?

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    jeffcarp · almost 4 years ago · reply

    I'd appreciate an email service like Snapchat, where the messages weren't stored by default (unless I explicitly saved them).

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    dpg · almost 4 years ago · reply

    @jeffcarp: Your incoming or outgoing? What would that look like? I guess that would be app only? What's the use case?

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    jacksayswatt · almost 4 years ago · reply

    I want a service that allows me to use my own domain name. It's going to take a while before I can actually stop checking my several gmail accounts. I don't want to have to make the switch between email services again. Although I need the security of knowing I can do so. My gmail isn't portable, anything at my own domain name is.

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    Collin · almost 4 years ago · reply

    Couldn't we theoretically create it like disqus but have unique keys from each person, have it installable on your own server? Just a simple plug

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    carriemelissa · almost 4 years ago · reply

    Email needs to be re-imagined. It's been a long time coming. If I never have to sort, archive, or delete another email, I will be a happy person. So just don't make me do any of those things, whatever you do.

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    panleya · almost 3 years ago · reply

    Make email more like messaging. Message threads would be topic and user based like email (messaging is just user based) and fully searchable. Allow for longer message bodies than typical messaging and attachments. Make the threads tag-able to help with searching and create a easy interface to find attachment files.

    My issues with email are: #1 spam. Make your system invite / friending only #2 searching typically sucks. Ever get those "I sent you that file already" or "we talked about that 2 months ago". Make sorting and grouping by topic easier to navigate.

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    uvtotalrecovery · about 2 years ago · reply

    If you'll be developing a GMail alternative, it would be nice if you can personalize the look and the way how you'll be receiving and sending emails quite different from the norm. It would be better if there's a feature where you can set sending and receiving emails on different platforms. Shall we say, you can only received emails on specific contact via phone app and once received will no longer have a duplicate on the desktop browser version.