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    3 D Printed Furniture Store
    via dpg · almost 4 years ago · 3 comments

    I want to know what the feasibility of something like this might look like. I know materials are getting better, and the cost of 3D printers are decreasing while resolution and quality are increasing.

    My vision would be something like this:

    • We wouldn't keep any furniture in-house except for demos
    • You would place your orders, and you would be able to watch in real time your furniture getting printed. (Think of it being like watching your car going through a car wash)
    • The price of the piece would be determined by the detail, quality of material, and expected lifetime.
    • You would be able to return the furniture for a discount and to be recycled into your next piece.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Insights on why this may or may not work?

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    jxhongfun · over 3 years ago · reply

    i have some friend pproduce 3D printing machine , if you need something about that ,you can contact me .